[VDC] BDC ‘기억되고 싶어 (REMEMBER ME)’ 음악방송 게임 챌린지 [ENG/JPN/KOR SUB]

[Behind the scene] [BDC_Music show_GAME_CHALLENGE] Two, three! Brandnew A! Hello, this is BDC! [BDC GAME CHALLENGE]
[Use the break times in between music show / Play the game prepared for you / The one with least correct answers gets penalty games! (Please stick with us until the end!)] [1. Listen and guess which song which is speed up
– Listen to the songs played in double and a half
or triple the speed and guess the title and singer correctly!]
[One question is worth 1 point / Four questions in total] Game Challenge, start! [First question – speed times 2.5] [What song is this…?] [What is this?] Answer! Kim Si Hun! ‘Gashina’ by Sunmi. [Correct!] [Daze]
What? How did you get that? [Second question – speed times 3] [Piece of cake!] Kim Si Hun. ‘U GOT IT’ by GOT U. [Wrong! Let’s hear that one more time] [Right on the tip of their tongue] [Ah, ah, ah] [Ah, ah, ah X2] [Don’t you get it even when you just hear it while walking pass?] [Did you get it? / Can’t get the finger around it even after hearing the highlight] What? What is this? [How about in the second highlight?] Kim Si Hun! ‘REALLY REALLY’ by WINNER! [Correct!] [Oh… / That’s what it is?] [Third question – speed times 3] [This one wants to guess with rhythm] Oh! Me! IU’s ‘BBIBBI’ [Correct!] [Oh… / Silent exclaim]
Wow! All I need to do is don’t come last! [Lmao] -I have a high chance of becoming the last. I just don’t get anything.
-I just don’t get a thing. [Final question – speed times 2.5] -Yun Jung Hwan!
-Kim Si Hun! [That was too close, so let’s try that again] Kim Si Hun! [The music hasn’t even started, so let’s try that again] -Yun Jung Hwan!
-Hong Seong Jun! I’ll give them a chance. ‘Shine’ by PENTAGON. [Correct!] Phew, I’m not the last… [Current score: Yun Jung Hwan 1, Kim Si Hun 2, Hong Seong Jun 1] We aren’t sure (about the result) just yet. I yielded this one. Come on, say something to show your gratitude. We raised our hands at the same time. [The one who is saying they raised the hand together/
The one who is saying he raised the hand faster]
I raised it first. -We raised it together.
-I was faster. We raised it together. -Would you like to review the video?
-Sure. [By reviewing the video,] [Si Hun was a bit faster] [2. Guessing mixed up music
-Guess the correct title and singer of the songs when 4-5 songs are played at the same time!]
[One question is worth 1 point / Four questions in total] [Guessing mixed up music]
Game, start! [Practice round] [What the … lol] SHINee is back. SHINee. -Yun Jung Hwan.
-Sherlock! [Yun Jung Hwan’s answer]
SHINee’s Sherlock, GOT7’s Lullaby, Chung Ha’s Already 12am. [There’s one more question, so let’s do that again] [Fast forwarding because it is taking them way too long] [Producer, you are too cruel]
Please start at the top. [Starting at the top] [They still take too long after hearing it again, so fast forwarding] Don’t tell me there’s something like national anthem mixed here. All I can hear is ‘Already 12am’ by Chung Ha. Give up. Is this the practice round? Give up. -This was the practice round?
-Chance! [If you enchant us, we’ll give you a clue.] Oh… give up! [Guessing mixed up music, practice round answer:
SHINee’s Sherlock,
GOT7’s Lullaby,
Chung Ha’s Already 12am
A.C.E’s Savage.] I can’t hear a thing. [A.C.E, we love you… Cheers!]
I really couldn’t hear a thing… [Practice round is over! Let’s start] [Guessing mixed up music question 1
Level 2 difficulty, (total four songs mixed!)] -Yun Jung Hwan!
-Kim Si Hun! [Kim Si Hun’s answer]
TWIT by Hwa Sa, Only You by Yang Da-il,
Love Shot by EXO, and BLIND FOR YOUR LOVE by AB6IX. [Wrong! Guess the title of AB6IX’s song again] BLIND FOR LOVE by AB6IX. [Correct] [Guessing mixed up music question 2
Level 3.5 difficulty out of 5, (total four songs mixed!)] All I can hear is two songs! Seong Jun! [Raised the hand, but can’t come up with anything…] [5 seconds to think!] My brain just got blank. [Can hear the music, but can’t figure the songs out] Seong Jun! [Hong Seong Jun’s answer]
Flash by X1, Dare Devil by ZICO, One Love by ZICO, [Nope~]
One what? Oh, love! [Wrong! Try again] Kim Si Hun! Dare Devil by ZICO, X1’s… X1’s Flash and ITZY’s DALLA DALLA. [There’s one more-] I also heard until here.
Girls’ Generation’s Genie? [Nope! Again-] [Wow you have good hearing~]
There’s one more ballad song. I’m certain. [I can’t~ hear~ still~] [Oh!] Kim Si Hun Kim Si Hun! [The song Seong Jun sang was the answer haha]
Oh I heard one! I heard one! I heard one! [Kim Si Hun’s answer]
ZICO’s Daredevil, X1’s Flash, AKMU’s How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love. And ITZY’s DALLA DALLA. [Correct] [Hehe sorry..]
Why do I feel so bad about myself? [Performance of victory] There’s no need to play another game, I will just go and get my punishment, I don’t think I can do this. No, you and I have equal points. [3-point last question! (It’s possible for a turnover in the outcome..)] [Listening/I can do this/Let’s have a listen] [This is MAGIC, you think you can hear it but you can’t…] Kim Si Hun! X1’s MOVE [Wrong! Again-] [Oh!!!] Kim Si Hun! [Kim Si Hun’s answer]
TAEMIN’s WANT BTS’s Boy With Luv, BTOB’s Missing You and TAEYEON’s Four Seasons And what’s the last one? [Si Hun has to remember and Jung Hwan’s chance to get the answer haha]
– What was the last one?
– Yun Jung Hwan What was the last one? [Kim Si Hun wrong!]
-Yun Jung Hwan!
-Seong Jun! [He has lost the world]
TAEMIN’s WANT [It’s unfortunate but it’s a skill to pick up answers]
-BTS’s Boy With Luv
-Wow, you picking up my answer is amazing. If you get this right you are really..
TAEYEON’s Four Seasons [The one who forgot]
-And then BTOB’s Missing You and SEVENTEEN’s Don’t Wanna Cry.
-Oh right! Seong Jun! [Already gave up] Wow there’s so much that I can’t remember all of them! [Current score – Yun Jung Hwan 4 /Kim Si Hun 4/ Hong Seong Jun 1] [3. No foreign words – the person who says the least number of foreign words in a given time succeeds!]
[Every time you say a foreign word you lose 1 point (Foreign words with English is certainly banned)] No foreign words, starting now! You can just freely talk. Don’t stay silent just because foreign words are not allowed. -I won’t do that.
-Of course. Don’t stay silent. I won’t do that! [Suddenly moisturising] You can trick others, right? -Of course.
-But why does it feel like everyone is talking less? [The camera is rolling- the game must freely go one-] [Current score Si Hun 1 / Jung Hwan 0 / Seong Jun 0]
Hey Seong Jun, what was our team name again? Got caught in his trick. [Ahh~ He fell into the trick himself] [It’s only a game so it’s okay]
-The way I see it, I don’t think we are going to talk to each other…
-Am I really stupid? [Nervous..]
What’s the name of our company? [How are we supposed to answer this…] Why are you asking this? Just because. [A proper nerve fight has started-]
-Do you know?
-I know. -New music
-Then tell us. [He is like a translator..]
-New brand, music. I’ll win if I just don’t say a word. Yea that’s right. Yup. -One word for an hour…
-You have to try to trick me, just I what I did to you. [Tricking like this?]
Hey Seong Jun, what was our team name? [Is it okay to turn back on your members like this?]
You just have to lose a point and keep tricking, so we can be wrong. [Going shorter: In-ear, mike]
We are going get them shorter soon. Get what shorter? [Excited on how he’s going to say it]
[Loading] [Oh that’s (In-ear, mike) called a loud speaker?^^]
Loud speaker [Question 2]
Jung Hwan, who are you writing to? [Oh~ nice try avoiding it]
To the Saturday senior you told me just a few minutes ago~ [Wow haha] [Talking about hand cream] [Staff asked for a hand cream haha]
Uhh.. the scent you put on your hands… [Help me :(] [Manager]
Lotion cannot be said now… The scent you put on your hands… a 50/50 mixture of solid and liquid… [(Hint) Moisturizing] [Succeeded in explaining a hand cream]
Moisturize! I have moisturizer. [Handed the camera to the members for a quicker progress]
Hello. – Yes, hello.
– Please introduce yourself. Yes hello, I am the youngest, Jung Hwan. Ohh~ more specifically. Oh..umm… [Oh~ he’s good at avoiding this]
-I’m sorry but we are busy so let’s focus more on this please.
-What are you preparing for? This is for the shooting on Monday [He’s almost the king of questions]
What shooting? Um.. conversational shooting… Seong Jun, please introduce yourself. Hello~ I am Hong Seong Jun~ [This guy…]
Can you tell us specifically, in detail. Si Hun, can you please do it first. [Naturally going on with a different conversation]
What are you doing now? I was writing a letter to the seniors that we will be handing out with our CDs. [You good at avoiding this]
Oh~ [Super comfortable haha] To which senior did you write to? To HAEUN Aren’t you going to write any? Oh, I wrote everything already. [Asking question in reverse~]
To which senior did you write to? I wrote to the Saturday senior [Tried to trick him but a quick PASS]
-Who is the Saturday senior?
-Didn’t I write to the Saturday senior? -Oh, I wrote to Kang Mina.
-Oh, and? I wrote a lot. To who… To who? Kang Mina. Only one person? MC! [He got tricked~haha]
And? And? [Current score SI HUN 2 / JUNG HWAN 0 / SEONG JUN 0]
[Ah~ And so it was, he was left alone~] Am I really this stupid? Did you only write to Kang Mina? [SI HUN interpretation: JUNG HWAN please stop asking questions….]
No, there are more. -Who?
-I don’t remember. [Ayah~ why is his face is so annoying?]
Oh really? I guess it’s okay. The name of our title-song… [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 0 / SEONG JUN 0] Oh no… [Ahh~ and he did it again…] It’s okay. Am I really this stupid? I see hope! [I’m going to ask some questions too hehe]
SEONG JUN what are you doing? [SEONG JUN who said sees hope is looking outside the window]
I am looking at the view. [Failed at attempting to ask more questions]
How is the view right now outside? [Ask the question to SI HUN!] They way you two play the game is so boring Fun is for fun but since the game has a punishment the way you play the game is so boring [became little sulky] [Because SI HUN is the only person who got caught he is upset haha]
I am disappointment on you two. It’s okay! I think SI HUN is just upset because he is the only one who got caught. [Very sternly]
No, I am just a person who always plays games with fun… [Shows the Camera’s view finder]
Do we come out good? Are you satisfied? My jacket is puffed up right now making my neck invisible. [Are you Solomon?]
Then you can just put your arms down. Now we do not have much time left~ Aren’t you being too conscious of time? [You sound like an old man]
Ah~ not much time left~ [Current score: SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 0 / SUNG JUN 1]
Can you say one word for our fans. [Silence fills the place and SUNG JUN notices that he had done something wrong haha] [hahaha] Can you say one word for the people who love us. -Because of you guys SUNG JUN got caught.
-Don’t be so conscious of the game. [hahahaha] [Its because he hates the punishment]
-Don’t they play the game so boringly? I always love you guys. [SUNG JUN’s head hurts all the sudden] anemia? My view is getting white. headache? [(hahahaha) why is there so much time left…] -dizziness?
-toothache? -Can I proceed the game?
– Oh sure. [OK lets proceed] [Great job SUNG JUN!]
If you have any talents, can you show us one? [2019 Movie ‘Jocker’]
My talent is following the main character’s voice in the movie that is premiering right now. Yes, show us. But I cannot do it because the lines are in English. [hahaha] – Oh are you going to get out of this like this?
– Then do it in Korean. [Translating] Wait, I need to translate. [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 1]
– You can take time thinking about it
– I will character of animated movie Nam Doeil. I’m not sure if it is going to sound the same, but I’ll try. I am looking forward to it. Go! [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 2]
It goes fast. [hahaha] Let’s just finish it. [Determined by something] [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 3]
Let’s go! Go! [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 4]
Our fans I love you! [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 5]
Ah, the camera was so heavy! [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 6] [SEONG JUN why are you so serious haha]
Why are you so serious! [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 7]
Say ‘Why so serious’ for us. [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 9] Nope, you’re not falling for it. [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 10] [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 11]
I will video record for you. [Current score SI HUN / 3 JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 12]
To show our fans… 3 minutes left. [Something feels wrong…]
3 minutes left? [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 13]
Fans I love you. [hahahaha] [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 15] Say it for us. What is the meaning? Why are you so serious. (Right now) why are you so serious. [Explosion of words because of happiness]
I’m not serious, I’m happy. Very happy. I am very good. [CURRENT SCORE SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 16]
Dear fans I love you guys~ [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 17]
You now, I really wanted to read that sign outside saying KORAIL. [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 18]
[I am sorry…now please stop…]
When the train was passing by I really wanted to read the sign KORAIL. [Current score SI HUN 3 / JUNG HWAN 1 / SEONG JUN 19] [Please stop…]
-I love you!
-The game is over now! [THE END of the No foreign language game] You must struggle for counting the scores. [Yes, it looks that way so now stop] Now please count. [Ah..giving us work to do…. our peaceful BDC and staff members]
What is our name? It’s BDC! Two three! Brandnew A! Hello! We are BDC! -What our company’s name?
-It’s BRANDNEW MUSIC! [And so it was… we could not stop his explosion] We are BRANDNEW MUSIC. [feeling bitter]
Why can I not laugh? [MC! That was so good, until that moment I could laugh… Please look forward to the punishment! TADA! [Watch this unpublished video of SEONG JUN doing aegyo~]
Hello~ SEONG JUN is here~ Because I lost the game, I have to film this aegyo video. From now on, I am not going to play games like this~ Bye~ I love you! [System logged off]

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