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67 thoughts on “VIBRATO – VOCAL EXERCISE

  1. mee mee says:

    This is way a bit faster…

  2. Khaleeq Nasir says:

    If you do this faster then intended, will it give you choppy vibrato? I am doing it at 1.25 the normal speed.

  3. Bunny khan says:

    does it also helps with agility too ???

  4. C J says:

    Is it me or did I sound like a prnstar? (Jk )

  5. a. dejan says:

    I think this exercise is better for riffs and runs

  6. znemyrkce II says:

    I sound like a broken soul

  7. ayesha says:

    Can a person be born with vibrato?

  8. Rabbit says:

    I'm not sure how i learned how to do vibrato but i just kinda did

  9. Maricel Ballen says:

    It worked for me lol

  10. Jivette Fhaye says:

    when you're doing it then suddenly you burped.

  11. Smexi MF says:


  12. Moza Alfalasi says:

    Great I sound like a goat

  13. alcon04 says:

    good exercise here also helps with breathing. Thanks!

  14. Yoo Jeongyeon says:

    i kep saying HAHAHAHAHAHA instead of " Ah " ?

  15. Philip Leku says:

    Cool videosss!!!! Wow I love it

  16. Disaster Peace says:

    All these videos are showing me that I need a L O T of improvement, even though I'm a decent singer. I love these.

  17. emily mccormick says:

    I sound like a siren (not the mermaid type, the weewoo type)

  18. Shaqawan says:

    When the tone changes do I go ah ah ah ah ah ahhhhh

  19. ᄋᄌᄋKim says:

    Gonna do this everyday 😫

  20. Michael’s Boo says:

    Is anyone born with vibrato cause I was

  21. Truth Bomb says:

    AH..It disconnects the vocal cords and you get a breathy sound.. try Gee geeee geee. your cords start off "closed" and produce a clearer sound.

  22. Syf Affh says:


  23. BradenRC says:

    Hey, I'm currently taking vocal exercises and I was just wondering, how many times or how long should I do this exercise for? Thank you. -Braden Carrigan

  24. Akkenzhe Adayeva says:


  25. J'Nai Bayone says:

    I don't have a few minutes to read the comments and see if this has already been talked about, but I suggest the first couple of rounds being an example of how to carry out the note. For those needing a refresher with this type of warm up.

  26. she who watches says:

    i’m a pretty experienced singer and this was even difficult for me. damn.

  27. Marcus Rahbek says:

    Would this work with other syllables as well? (Like Ee, oo, lip roll etc.)

  28. Ordinaryperson says:

    I still can't forget how i accidentally got my vibrato…
    Now it's time to control them by this great exercise…Thanks for the video….💕

  29. Jerseyy.editz says:

    I don’t know why but my voice got deeper after doing this 😂🤦‍♀️

  30. Alea Macagaan says:

    Just imagining myself actually doing it makes me laugh hahahahaha

  31. Mark samuel says:

    Do it with each vowel noise. You get vibrato no matter what your singing

  32. Kim Rudian says:

    Is this broken ah or not?

  33. Fiqahsz _ says:

    i did this exercise while looking thru at the comments and some of them made me laugh so hard HAHAHAHAHHA

  34. jack_machammer says:

    Gonna do this 10 times a day for three weeks (along with some other tutorials from this channel), will report back my progress at the end!

  35. Jeremiah Suddreth says:

    This is so difficult for me.

  36. Violet Voices says:

    does this in hopes to have a vibrato

    still no vibrato

  37. Naomi Kao says:

    When I first did this a few months ago it was sooo hard lol but now am really comfortable and very soon I will be able to speed it up a little more. Even my singing got like really good . Thanks

  38. Hattan Bashir says:

    I’ll try this for one week..

  39. Aydenne Marie says:

    I think I use vibrato too much because my brothers say that I sound like sans 😂😂

  40. Shafiya Radiya says:

    When you’re doing it then suddenly you yawned

  41. Diana Lemus says:

    Thank you so much!

  42. Artsy Drawings says:

    My vowels/ syllables practice count

    Ma (A): 5
    Ge (E+I): 5
    Mo (O) joe :
    Moo/Noo (OO):
    Tu (U) you :

    I’m aiming to get at least 5 each

  43. PaNiC! Kermit says:

    I love vibratos and I don’t have a great one so this should help. Thanks dude. 👌

  44. LazySkull says:

    is it "Ahhhh" or "Ah Ah Ah"??

  45. qwerty uiop says:

    All my mothers side family has a vibrato and my dads dont i thought i dont have it but when i aged 15 it just came out whaaaat?

  46. Anita Sahoo says:

    Can someone please tell me what's the highest note used in this exercise? I am new to singing & I don't have the knowledge of the basics of piano.

  47. Queen Alex says:

    Wait this is actually working wtf

  48. tae fini says:

    You're supposed to do this in chest voice, right?

  49. hamim 1061 says:

    It's supposed to sound AaaaaAaaaaAaaaaAaaaah or AhAhAhAh

  50. detail explainer says:

    Yeah… works….

  51. Unlipops Gaming says:

    I sounded like a zombie wtif

  52. Maipa Noertika says:

    i sound like spongebob laughing

  53. davin yeo says:

    I sound like a dying cat will doing this 😑

  54. e2Density says:

    Wow it works! Now I sound like a dying seal 😆

  55. Chazmin TCMgamer says:

    This is not related to the video but how come when i sing in a low voice I feel like yawning?? Does that happen to anyone else or just me?

  56. Tricia Fradrick says:

    This is so fun lol

  57. Nguyễn Lương Bằng says:

    Are you mistaken? I think this is riffs and runs excercise

  58. KairruAZ says:

    Its really helps me, i feel my voice getting curly in just 6 days😮 im shook

  59. Sapphire Sushi says:

    When I do the part where you speed up I end up clumping it together and making it so that it is no longer separate, how do I fix this?

  60. Kaytlyn Martinez says:

    Let’s see if this works 🙂

  61. Kayla Klein says:

    These r really good I've been looking for more challenging stuff than the pitch scale. I was strangled my voice been hoarse a year something is going on I'm heart broken but tryna do what I can to get back to as close as I can

  62. tic tac says:

    I better sound like Jesy Nelson after this

  63. 제아JEA says:

    I tried it in 0.5x but i sound like a bullfrog.

  64. So Cynthia says:

    It workeddd

  65. Hannah Sandoz says:

    are you dupposed to sing with falsetto or modal voice?

  66. 100 En says:

    my singing is so flat

  67. joon rae says:

    Sound like goat

  68. Sapphire Stone says:

    Is it okay if I use ou because I’m sick and I don’t wanna hurt myself using chest voice

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