Weekly Meal Prep for Healthy Eating

Weekly Meal Prep for Healthy Eating

When it comes to eating healthy the real secret is being prepared and for me that means
Sunday night meal prep. Now, this is a process that I go through every single Sunday night. It takes a couple of
hours but when I’m done I have a ton of healthy foods already prepped and ready to go. They can be thrown into different recipes or eaten on their own throughout the week. It’s super simple. It takes just a couple of hours but it will absolutely be your savior come Wednesday night when
you get home from your work and you’re absolutely famished. Now, the first step in
my Sunday night meal prep is to prepare a whole
chicken for roasting. Now, if you’re a vegetarian, of course you can skip this step but if you do eat meat roasting a whole chicken is the best way to ensure you have high
quality protein ready all week long. Now, I like to start with
a whole chicken like this and keep it really, really simple. Just a drizzle of olive oil and some salt and pepper will do. You could also amp this
up by adding some herbs like thyme or rosemary or some onions, carrots, and celery, but today
I’m keeping it super simple. Olive oil, salt and pepper, that’s it. This bird’s ready to go into
the oven at three seventy five. Once your chicken is in
the oven and cooking away it’s time to prepare your potatoes. Now, you can do this with regular potatoes or sweet potatoes. Basically, I just cut them
into bite sized pieces, toss them in some olive
oil, salt, and pepper, and a little rosemary, then I put them on a baking sheet and put them with the chicken and they totally take care of themselves. After about thirty minutes I check on them, flip them around and then give them another
twenty minutes to cook. They’ll be beautifully done and ready to eat all week long. My next step is to prepare my quinoa. Quinoa is one of my favorite
things to have on hand ’cause you can throw it
in all sorts of recipes throughout the week. Basically, I start with one cup of quinoa and two cups of vegetable stock and then I bring it to
a boil on the stove. Once it’s boiling, I
reduce the heat to minimum, put the heat on, and then leave it for fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes is up I turn off my heat and let it
sit for another five minutes. It’s as easy as that. Your quinoa is ready for the week. (upbeat music) While my quinoa is cooking
I start to boil my eggs. A half dozen for me is
plenty for the week. I boil my eggs for eight to ten minutes then run them under cold water and peel them right away. (upbeat music) I store them in an airtight container and they’re good to go
for up to five days. Next, I like to turn my attention to my steamed green vegetables. Now, I start by chopping my broccoli and my asparagus and then just
trimming up my green beans. (upbeat music) Then I start my steamer. I steam each type of vegetable one at a time until they’re cooked through. Quick word of warning, when you’re doing three rounds of vegetables you want to make sure
you have plenty of water in the bottom of your steamer. Trust me, I learned this
lesson the hard way. You’ll know they’re cooked through because they turn bright green but still retain some good crispness. (upbeat music) Once they’re done, I store them
in jars in the refrigerator and I can either snack on them or add them to all sorts of recipes
and they’re already cooked. What could be simpler? Next, I chop up all my raw veggies to snack on throughout the week. I like to do some bell pepper, some celery, and some cucumber. I find these are perfect for
munching on between meals. (upbeat music) Now, I’m using a digital thermometer to give me a good read on this chicken because it’s really important to make sure your chicken is cooked through. What we’re looking for is
an internal temperature of a hundred and sixty
five degrees in the breast and a hundred and eighty
five degrees in the legs. The last step in this process is to rinse and prep my fruit. Now, I love mixed berries all week long. So, basically, I rinse them in a colendar and then I give them a quick chop. Mix them all up and store
them in the refrigerator. I can honestly eat them by the handful. Or I’ll bring them to work for lunch. I’ll hope you give this
Sunday meal prep a try and that it makes your life easier all week long. Thanks so much for watching and be sure to subscribe
to the Domestic Geek for lots more deliciousness
just like this. (upbeat music)

Daniel Yohans

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