Welcome to SHIBA – Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance

I’m Cory Streisinger and I’m a volunteer
SHIBA counselor. Medical care is expensive,
and even with Medicare there are costs. During the fall, there is a period called “Open Enrollment” where everyone gets a chance to change their options. The plans may change, your health needs may change, and this is your chance to
see whether there’s something that is going to meet your needs more
effectively and maybe more cost-effectively. There is no cost.
Our services are free. It’s not at all uncommon to have somebody finish up just
a one hour, hour and a half counseling session, and say, you know, “Thank you, I
just felt so confused coming into this, and now I know what to do next.”
The outcome can be thousands of dollars difference. That’s very satisfying when
you can find somebody a path that’s going to provide them with the
medications they need that they can afford.

Daniel Yohans

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