Welfare? Food Bank ,Stigma , Why I went there !

you I’m going today and I’m going to take a
look at what it’s like to go to a food pantry I’m gonna go and I’m gonna see
what is it like who comes to the food pantries what is the atmosphere and what
are the myths I’m gonna do some myth-busting today and
I’m gonna open up a world of thinking about the food pantry and how it affects
people’s lives are the people that come to a food pantry do they look really
poor do they look really distraught or are they more middle-class are they are
they happy are they sad what is the atmosphere I’m gonna share with you a
little bit of insights I’m really nervous I’ve never done anything like
this before but I really want to gain knowledge and I want to gain wisdom on a
part of her life that a lot of us don’t understand and a part that many of us do
understand so I’m gonna share with you I cannot film because of the dudes to the
nature of this video I will not doing any filming because it’s a very personal
thing that we are doing today you know my thought and insight on the food
pantry and let you know what I thought about it is it like for tens of millions
of people the first time they go to a food pantry what would be like you know
today our heart race like mine do they feel nervous you know putting
yourself in other people’s shoes it can be a real life-changing it a moment to
realize that all of the feelings that they’re feeling I’m driving for the
first time to this food pantry I’m going to share with you a little bit why I’m
going and the reason for it but I’m feeling the apprehension that I bet
everybody felt when they first go to a food pantry so I’ll show you a little
bit later all of the things I’ve learned from it so the one thing we noticed that all the
vehicles are actually even nicer than mine so they drive nice vehicles and so
that is something that was too surprising to me I thought maybe they
would have order vehicles but they’re actually very nice vehicles that they
have so it was so much fun one Saturday of every month they put all
the food out for the community and what doesn’t get eaten usually will be thrown
away but it’s still really good so I have sausage potatoes all kinds of
rhubarb all kinds of bok choy all kinds of different lettuces and then I’ll show
you what else I got most importantly to me is I got this it’s called steak it’s
chopped up steak but I’m going to fry this and we are going to can it and it’s
going to be like ground beef they said it tastes just like ground
beef so we’re going to go ahead and fry it and then I’m gonna can it I had a
wonderful experience everybody was so kind everybody was so happy and pleasant
I can’t wait to go next month and share with you more about taking food that was
leftover and was going to be thrown away and I can actually really preserve this
food this is one way of thinking outside the box is my thoughts and my
experiences of today I really had fun today
so I’m gonna give you a big backdrop of where I went and what it was
so there are local church has a food pantry
it’s every Wednesday and at the end of the month whatever food is left as far
as fresh food they will go ahead and they’ll have it free for the public for
its community I’ve heard about this a long time and I was really apprehensive
I really wanted to go but that means I had to step outside of my comfort zone
in order to go I didn’t know how people would react or how people would be I
didn’t know what I would feel like what was my feelings what was I feeling and
at first my heart was beating fast it was like me I really had a lot of fun
and what happens is the food that doesn’t get used up today
that day then would be thrown away most likely so it’s a really neat thing that
they do with the leftover food then once a month open up to the public and we can
take what we need and I realized a bunch of things I realized there’s a lot of
food waste in the United States and I realized there’s a lot of food waste
even though there’s a lot of things that are happening to help control that waste
there still is a lot of waste there was still a lot of food that could be used a
lot of the packages of strawberries maybe half of them were rotted and the
other half were good you know a lot of people they turn up their nose when they
see it and think ill this is old you I’m not gonna eat this but when they realize
this just take it apart and pick out the good it is still so much good there and
the stereotype is what this food is not looking good it doesn’t have that look a
freshness that they don’t want to even try it and we’ve come to a point that we
just want everything to be aesthetically perfect the perfect Apple the perfect
banana everything has to be perfect and there’s so much goodness is so much
nutrition in some of this food and it gets wasted it’s changed my perspective
I’m going to go every Saturday at the end of the month I have such a deep
respect for all of the people and what they’re trying to do I’m also going on a
challenge so you hear a lot of challenges you know a challenge to do
this challenge to do that I’m gonna see how long I can live off of my garden my
food that I have prepped and thrown away food your recipes are going to come to
me your recipes are going to come thrown away food recipes recipes of food that
others didn’t want or recipes of foods that were given to me for free can I
stay away from the grocery store now I’ll still need to get milk but how much
do I really need to get that is going to be a challenge you’re going to go along
with me once a month I’m going to go to this place and continue to have so much
fun and fellowship I got to meet people that I haven’t seen
since I was a little girl I got to just share happiness people were actually
very happy it really surprised me people were experice very kind the
people that were giving and the people that were receiving it just was a whole
beautiful place that I was at today I got to see people they cared for one
another everyone was so respectful it just was a
very joyous time we were coming together for fellowship and we were all taking
turns we were being respectful we were all getting what we need and there was
plenty for everyone so how is really fun I just really I’m
so glad I got to go and so many times we are so afraid to move out of our little
box we live in this little box where we’re fraid to try new things to be
amongst the people that are different than us we’re afraid to leap out of
faith and see what it’s like I walked in different shoes today I walked in shoes
of people that maybe didn’t have as much as I do
also there were people that had more than me that were there and but I got to
see what it’s like when I surprised not as many people were there that I thought
and I’ve come to the conclusion now I need to go a bunch more times to really
be able to say this with a hundred percent clarity but it seemed to me like
a lot of people that go to that were used to be on food stamps and food
stamps you can buy whatever you want you can buy you know snacks and ice creams
and cakes and cookies everything there today was scratch cooking everything was
fruits and vegetables and you know there weren’t that many people there there’s a
little bit of meat as well but it just seemed to me like do people not come
because they’re used to getting their food for free and they’re used to be
able to go into the grocery store and getting whatever they want but for me it
was perfect I have a very low income very low income but this is what I was
searching for something like this where I could get some fruits and vegetables
that I can’t grow in my own home and it’s food that was going to be
thrown away how much better is that instead of dumpster diving and finding
food that you could be a little bit iffy because when you dumpster dive you have
to be very careful because you don’t know what was poured in on top of that
food you don’t know how long that food has been lingering in there you don’t
know when they close the lid how all of that rain water will seep into the food
there’s so many things about dumpster diving that are a little iffy but when
you go to something like this the food doesn’t come from the dumpster the food
came actually from the manufacturer that actually came from the produce auction
and it’s things like that and so it’s another way of reusing something that’s
going to get thrown away but it has a little more safety to it because none of
the food was old guys for following along this journey with me today it was
an eye-opener you know I didn’t know what it would be
like and I didn’t know how the people would be I I didn’t know how they looked
or how they dressed but they were just like me I blended in perfect there so is
that because I’m low-income maybe so is that because I’m just an everyday girl
probably more likely everyone and get ready for the recipes coming up because
they’re going to be everyday recipes of food that I have here that I’ve got free
or I have in my pantry no grocery shopping for me let’s see how long it
can last

Daniel Yohans

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