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Hi everyone
my name is James Collier I’m Huel’s co-founder and nutritionist and today
we’re going to be talking about food processing. Now food processing is quite
often a word you hear bandied around in a negative fashion. We all generally think
of processed foods as bad and that really is not the case. By definition food
processing is the conversion of natural ingredients into edible food by
physical or chemical means, simple as that. Now that covers a lot of things, you
cook food that’s a process, you add food additives to a food to make it last
longer that’s also a process. When you powder food, you mill it, that’s a
process. Theres numerous things and food processing is not necessarily bad, we need
to try and get that message across. Well a whole food is any food that’s eaten
in its natural form. This could be something like fruit and veg that you
just have in their normal form or it could be something like an egg that you have raw (maybe) or unpasteurized unhomogenized milk, that’s another another form of a
whole food but when we use Whole Foods we generally take it to mean they’ve
been through a minimal process. Like I said we often hear the words processed food
banded about in a negative fashion and this definitely isn’t the case. We cook food
that’s a positive thing we are doing for our food. Cooking is a processing
if you add some additives or make you know these you see the prepared
meals in the little black trays that you get in supermarkets that have been
heavily processed with a lot of additives they’ve been made so they last
with a long shelf life well they’ve lost a lot of their nutrition, they’ve got a
lot of additives and they’re not good so food processing can be good it can be
bad we need to look at it. Now there are lots of benefits of food processing so
we need to look at these, firstly it can kill off harmful microbes, bacteria and
suchlike and molds that mean an increase in the shelf life of your food. We all want,
you know, in this day and age we’re not all farmers we all need our food to last
us a good while. Secondly it can help the attractiveness of food, make it a lot
more attractive we all want that, make it more palatable you know
processing food, mixing different foods together to make a meal that is a
positive thing that can make food more flavoursome. Some people have
special diets and they need their food to be adapted to suit what they need,
food processing is involved there. Processing can help conserve nutrients,
after a while micronutrients and vitamins and minerals and such like the
the levels can degrade of some of them so food processing can help preserve
those levels and also fortification, some foods many breakfast cereals and other
products have extra nutrition added to them and that can be helpful.
There are also negatives of food processing and that you need to be aware
of, for example some food additives, the e numbers that we see they can cause a
reaction in certain hypersensitive people for example atticarea a skin
disorder is associated with some additives as is hyperactivity in
children has been linked to a few additives so we need to be careful.
Certain additives are licensed but they’re licensed in one country and not
another so maybe look at them but also in food processing there’s a risk
of cross-contamination, foods combined together we need to make sure that
handled correctly so there’s no interaction between them and different
microbes from from one to another especially true with things like raw
meat which has to be kept in appropriate conditions. Also when adding fats and
certain oils to food we need to be careful because oils can go rancid ie they
oxidize and this reduces the positive nutrition content of them so we need to
be very careful and this unfortunately is one of the key problems with the
overly processed foods. Some examples of some good processed foods are things
like canned fruit in natural juice without a fruit canning process you
would lose some of the vitamins and minerals because over time vitamins and minerals
and fruit can degrade and canning preserves that so allowing food canning
gets good quality fruit to people who perhaps wouldn’t have enough fruit otherwise.
Same goes with some of the vegetables. Other positive food processes are things like
yogurt. Yogurt is great especially the Greek yogurts. Veggie burgers and things
like that. Milk, milk is a good source of calcium and protein and a lot of people
wouldn’t have a good diet if they couldn’t get a milk that’s been
pasteurized. Things like high fiber breakfast cereals
soaked beans and seeds have been treated in appropriate way some nut
snacks. And the unfavored process food are things like confectionery, sweets, crisps,
those meals I described earlier, a lot of junk foods fast foods, you don’t really need me
to go on I think you know that you know the sort things I’m going on about so
they are bad processed foods and really should try and avoid them wherever
possible Powdered foods are not necessarily a new
concept. Huel is a powdered food that really we’ve been milling food for
approximately 11,000 years it obviously started when someone decided to put
some grain, bang two stones together in between and they had a powdered food. Breads
been around for years and so powdered food is not a new concept. The concept of
complete foods is fairly new and these are all processed but they’re minimally
processed and they are processed in a positive way to provide good nutrition
that many people wouldn’t get. Huel as a complete food is a fairly new concept we’ve only been going
for a couple of years however like I say powdered foods and not that new but
Huel is a processed food but it’s processed in a positive way we’ve got
the oat and the flaxseed that have been nothing but milled to the desired
consistency the pea protein and rice protein have been through natural
processes to ensure that the proteins conserved to get the maximum out of them
and the sunflower and MCT powders have literally been, the oils have been
sprayed onto a carrier and then put into our products then the shortfall of vitamins and minerals which isn’t the majority of vitmains and minerals I should add, are
all naturally occurring but the the rest of them are all made up from a bespoke
vitamin and mineral blend and Huel an example of a process food that’s very
beneficial to many people. So we’ve discussed processed foods today and food processing.
If you want to read more about food processing there’s an article on our
website called food processing and good nutrition which can be found along with
other great articles in our guides and articles section and you can check out
more information on the Huel website huel.com. Again we’re looking for a
lot of different nutrition topics to discuss in these videos so please do get
in touch through our forum or the contact us page on the website if you’ve got any ideas
of topics if you’d like me to discuss thank you

Daniel Yohans

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