What not to do in the kitchen/health and safety – Jamie Oliver’s Home Cooking Skills

What not to do in the kitchen/health and safety – Jamie Oliver’s Home Cooking Skills

(fan noise) (chop chop chopping)

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “What not to do in the kitchen/health and safety – Jamie Oliver’s Home Cooking Skills

  1. Liana xxx says:

    We watched this at school. In cooking class

  2. Ahmad Mazrah says:


  3. Akio says:

    This is pretty good?

  4. ka de says:

    i love the part when my mom came in omg XD

  5. boldbearings says:

    This is great.

  6. Jack O'Leary says:

    A waste of food

  7. David Brandon says:

    My favourite channel xoxoxoxox

  8. David Brandon says:


  9. CHEQUERED F1AG says:

    bruhhh why she so dummmmmb brrooooo?

  10. BrooklynDoesGaming says:

    Why does this even exist???

  11. A Jenkins says:

    basically she is showing us what not to do. This how you get sick, putting raw chicken on the same cutting board as vegetables. Then touching everything else after touching the raw chicken. Then serving it up. Like she just cross contaminated everything. Some folks are looking at this like what did she do wrong Lmbo.

  12. Christian Spasevski says:

    Lhs is bad bad

  13. Connor Robinson says:

    Ur A Bad Cook

  14. Connor Robinson says:

    There are no captions nor comentary

  15. Connor Robinson says:

    Jamie ur not even in this damn vid

  16. Kial Fick says:

    amazing video

  17. D osh says:

    This is a nice asmr

  18. crhasty12 says:

    This was so goddamned stressful to watch 😂

  19. Renae Bryant says:

    This Girl 😂😂😂

  20. Kylie Fagan says:

    Anybody want salmonella suprise?

  21. Brandon McCraney says:

    The biggest and most detremental mistake that is in this video is that the rat is not cooking the food

  22. Fake assassin says:

    You are so gross

  23. Crazy Sprite says:

    I had to watch this in food lesson stuff

  24. Maria Murphy says:

    my pupils felt the faults were too obvious. top (10 best anime chefs ).

  25. enriqueroman62 says:

    Awesome recipe for DIARRHEA

  26. benjamin mullins says:

    nah b….im here for the food cause im hungry


    you are nasty

  28. MAGNUS GUNN says:

    Gunner6487 videos are better then this video

  29. Zijing Zhou says:


  30. Zijing Zhou says:


  31. Zijing Zhou says:

    How are you professionals

  32. Zijing Zhou says:

    You Are so animal cruelty person

  33. Arthur Djahani says:

    That looked delicious…where's the recipe?

  34. Ashleigh Fingland says:

    1. she didn't have the knife downside near her leg and she shouldn't have put it in the sink like that

    2. she was contaminating bored

    3. she should have washed her hands

    4. and there is cross contamination between the raw meat and the vegetables

    5. using a dirty tea towel to clean up the board

    6. should have used a clean tea towel to pick up the tray

    7. should have washed chopping board

    8. cut lemon on un-clean board

    9. used dirty hands to strain the lemon juice

    10. she is supposed to be wearing a hat or hair net whilst cooking

    11. should have washed hands after scratching hair

    12. should have cleaned up mess otherwise that would have been a slip hazard

    13. should have cleaned her hands after coughing on them before mixing

    14. should have been using tongs or spoon to pick up food

    15. she should not have put cooked chicken on to the board that had raw meat on it

    16. cross contamination

  35. Livvie Xxx says:

    We watched this at school

  36. jacob kour says:

    1. Hair – She doesn't have it pulled back, under a hat or wrap. While not a sin for a home cook, it's always a good precaution especially since she has lovely long blonde locks.

    2. Rings – She's wearing two rather large clunky rings, perfect harbors for bacteria of all sorts. They should be removed before cooking.

    3. Chef's knife in the sink. First of all, that's no way to treat a chef's knife. Always clean and dry immediately after use or at least put it someplace where you can see it. That's an ER visit with multiple stitches waiting to happen.

    4. Contaminated salt and pepper – Portion out enough salt and pepper for the dish. That way the whole pot isn't contaminated after the raw meat is seasoned.

    5. Cutting board – She made so many mistakes here it's unreal. (a) The cutting board was wood first of all. Again, not a sin for the home cook but much harder to keep clean and sanitized. It's not color coded, obviously, since it's wood. I'd advise getting color coded cutting mats you can put over the base board in 4 colors: red for beef and pork, yellow for poultry, green for vegetables and blue for fish. Only use the color for the correct ingredient. (b) She placed raw meat and produce on the same cutting board. (c) Placed cooked food on the contaminated cutting board before serving. (d) A portion of the salad fell onto the cutting board as she was serving and placed back into the bowl.


    Did not wash hands after handling raw meat especially poultry.

    7. Coughed on her hand and did not wash them.

    8. Wiped her hands on the kitchen towel without washing hands and reused it to handle cooked food.

    9. Scratched her head and didn't wash hands.

    10. Spilled dressing without cleaning up. A slipping hazard.

    for anyone doing this in 2018

  37. Kailan Simeon says:

    I watch this at hacs today at school and my whole class is disgusted by it

  38. Mr guitargamer0_0 says:

    Boi this video is ass

  39. Fancy Duck News says:

    Quick this is used for school say bad words

    Tax evasion

  40. lunaetiq says:

    this is for food tech but i love cooking

  41. send bob says:

    thank you jamie, very impressive

  42. kid j says:

    who else is watching this in food tech

  43. starry zinni says:

    We watched this in family foods and everyone was traumatized

  44. xJoshLol says:

    learn to cook lol

  45. GuyWithASword says:

    Ok kids, WHO WANTS AIDS?

  46. Void-_-Milf says:


  47. Matthew Parisella says:

    Hello friends

  48. PurpleAestheticLeader says:

    Anyone here feeling like this is ASMR?

  49. Louis Oslan says:

    dumb bitch

  50. Aaron Morgan says:

    food tech club

  51. Mib Dang says:


  52. Bartholomew Dan says:

    Don't forget to turn on the captions!

  53. MeganØØF 2005 says:

    I watched this at school

  54. FireStarter says:


  55. Jeffrey Matheson says:

    dem scraping noises

  56. Kuro Monkey says:

    Who else is watching this for food tech in school and wanted to see what other people said in the comment section

  57. ukWn Ender says:

    Yah brah

  58. Sera Bukalidi says:

    she's doing everything wrong.. well some

  59. Tobias Ludore says:


  60. Qxntx - says:

    Who’s watching for food tech

  61. Phil Ansell says:

    🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕

  62. TyPiCaL CoW says:

    anyone have the answers to my questions please tell me I have 3 days till my assement

  63. Dementos says:

    a chefs nightmare.

  64. The Prime Blade says:

    Omega lul

  65. Froge Amphibion says:

    Reported for terrorism

  66. Arion says:

    At first I somehow missed the "what not to do" in the title and I was REALLY thrown off.

  67. It's Maxy says:

    who is watching this in food tech

  68. Reuben Mckeen says:

    why would you want to cough in your hand then touch the food

  69. Arngeer-the-sav .s says:

    I watched this at school at man this made me mad

  70. akira says:

    Thanks, Mr. Scott…

  71. GhostXL says:


  72. Bage says:

    Eww she didn’t even clean the chicken?!

  73. ザヒド says:


  74. My name is a secret says:

    everyone got this for class 5 years ago and it's still being used today

  75. Ben Prok says:

    Hey harry

  76. Lachlan Petersen says:

    Who saw the spider in the background on the bench

  77. Kayley Marie says:


  78. Marco WILSON says:

    Anyone down
    anyone down for duos

  79. TurboIgnited says:

    So presumably, if you do everything opposite to as is shown in the video then you stand to live another day. Presumably Jamie Oliver was unable to attend on this one. I was expecting a more thorough demonstration, nevermind. Do you do certification?

  80. MYSTIC says:

    This bugged me so much

  81. Alissa Gibson says:

    does anyone else feel like this is actually just some really good ASMR

    or is that just me

  82. Octariman says:

    this is so rage inducing

  83. Adam Kinden says:

    I hate having to watch useless videos in Home EC

  84. Noah Lloyd says:

    Oh my god I feel like I need to wash my own hands after watching this video.

  85. EPICNESSNOVA says:

    Who’s compost did she empty onto that plate?

  86. Nicholas Tracy says:

    Who’s compost did you empty on to the plate

  87. Mariana Christiansen says:

    Who here has swedlund for facs at mme

  88. Morgen Dufseth says:

    I have to watch this because of my Food for a healthy living facs class -.-

  89. XxE xQxX says:

    My class made fun of you..

  90. David Ray says:

    I hope all this food was plastic. She's clearly doing all this on purpose for the video. I hate seeing food wasted.

  91. xd_fifacyboxYT says:

    My class watched this in 2nd period today in home mec and it would’ve been even funnier if she slips on something 😂

  92. 24Eric Donofrio says:

    um why didn't she break up the lettuce

  93. 23Gunnar Nerber says:

    Who else is watching this for Food tech class

  94. 23Jaiden Reed says:

    stop calling it food tech you stupid pieces of ****.

  95. Max Blackmore says:

    anyone from food tech?

  96. purple_miner :] says:


  97. Archie MacDonald says:


  98. ZZ Kwok says:

    We watched this in foods class today and we all screamed when she coughed into her hand we didn’t even finish after she coughed because we were cringing so much

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