What Your Lip Color Says About Your Health

What Your Lip Color Says About Your Health

hello my beauties so as you may or may not know we all naturally have different color lips why is that your lips are actually kind of indication of your health status so by determining the color of your lips it kind of gives you an indication of what’s happening inside of your body which means then you can know what to do and what to eat to help correct that problem so I’ve talked a lot about lip products and what color lipsticks and even treating dry lips but today I want to share with you how your lips can tell you about your health they say your eyes are the windows to your soul did you know your mouth is the door to your health so we’ve covered dry chapped lips often signs of dehydration and can also be indication of allergies and some studies say signs of diabetes but what about natural color of your
lips what do they tell us about our bodies I mentioned to you before the natural color of my lips change every now and then it is mostly because reflects the stage of my health at that point in time so today I’m going to share with you some of the common health concerns relating to the color of your lips number one if your lips are pale white ashy gray you often see that in movies where people are in hospital bed and their lips are dry and pale and most
of times a week and fragile this usually means that you’re anemic and your body needs more blood so you need to up your intake in foods with iron like broccoli, red meats and red dates another indication that goes along with pale lips is when you have cold hands and feet and even when it’s not in winter this usually links with your digestive system and your stomach might be too cold so you need to warm up your stomach with young foods number two when you have super red lips and I don’t mean like classic Chanel lipstick red a lot of the times it links with bad breath and cravings for snacking this usually indicates that your body is overheated and your liver and spleen is working overtime so in this case drink some chrysanthemum tea and up for vegetables like bitter melon and celery bunny is also great for balancing the inside but remember the important thing is try to sleep early before 11:00 p.m. and
don’t stress number three when you have purple green
lips it’s pretty common during cold winter days but when you constantly have it then we might have a problem this usually means that there is some sort of problem with your heart and/or your respirator system in these cases I’d suggest you go to your doctor to seek some professional advice number four when your lips are dark red leaning towards black this is linked to your digestive system I would suggest to go easy on processed foods try and eat things that your stomach can process like congee sweet potato tofu you can also add a little bit of lemon to your water to help cleanse out any unwanted toxins and kickstart your metabolism lastly is if you have a dark line around your lips almost like a natural lip liner but the color is usually purplish black this is an indication of an imbalance of eating and yang in your body so you might be both up fire and cold at the same time I know that sounds super strange but it can happen it has happened to me before the best way I found is to make sure that you rest and eat well avoid eating foods during your menstrual cycle and avoid eating spicy processed food for a while if your lips are naturally rosy pink then you are perfectly healthy so just keep it up sometimes you’re just born with it so just embrace it and rock it like you own
it so that was it I hope that was helpful if you have any other questions leave your comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can thank you guys for watching I hope you had a lovely week and I will see my next video bye

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44 thoughts on “What Your Lip Color Says About Your Health

  1. hello there says:

    What about one brown lip and one pink lip?

  2. Lu Bartulović says:

    Today I ate a lot of junk food,just becasue I was bored,and when I was getting ready for sleeping💤(brushing my teeth)I saw that my lips are darker and have an outline inside👄(like I'm wearing makeup),so I was so scared and watched this video and realized that I ate too much junk food🤭!Today also when I was watching TV ,out of nowhere I feel sick!🤢

  3. Kashvi Sharma says:

    Yippee….I have naturally rosy pink lips 🤩🤩😊

  4. JesznowszPlays says:

    Idk why but the sides of my lips are dark and the middle is pink i hate it

  5. Carolinehaff says:

    Wait, my lips are paler on the outline and pinkish on the inner of it, what does that mean???

  6. Visionloin says:

    diabeties i'am crying

  7. Slay Qween says:

    Take "rest" Yeah sure!
    Me at 3AM : Playing Video Games Oh shit i have to take rest…Nah i am ugly anyways 😀

  8. ILoveMomo NoHomo says:

    What if your black

  9. Simi says:

    Does this generalize one skin color?

  10. its zariya says:

    basically I'm gonna die

  11. keepwatch nPray98 says:

    Hello! What is good to help/heal dry lips? I do drink plenty of water, and I eat healthy. Currently I’m using the vaseline (jar) but during the day it still gets dry! Thanks!

  12. Ellie Anne says:

    Mine is a red outline on the outside and blush pink in the middle

  13. Tom7679 says:

    The top of my lip is black and my bottom is pink… Should i be conserned?

  14. Nikhil Chandel says:

    What the hell am i doing here?

  15. leonardo hamato says:

    My upper lips are blakish red and my lower lips are whitish pink what does it suggest about my health?

  16. Jemiekuto satoshi says:

    My upper lip is kinder dark/purplish
    And my lower lip is pale

  17. Carolyn Viloria says:

    Thanks Mia for that info.I love it!

  18. AJPW_MR. popularARMY says:

    Omg yes! Im healthy! My lips are pink! Omg im so proud

  19. Banana Butter says:

    My lips are pale-

  20. Ava Sucks says:

    mine are rosy pink. yet i thought i was unhealthy-

  21. Slay Num says:

    What does it mean if my lips are a pale and pink on the top of lips, and the bottom is all pink?

  22. paradisecitykid says:

    lol these tips don't apply to people with deep skin who have naturally darker lips

  23. anna t says:

    my lips are just naturally red , they always been like that

  24. Linda Ursin says:

    MIne are pink 🙂 Nice to know

  25. дженифер метцлер says:

    I have rosy pink lips, but my lip line is pale. What does that mean?

  26. Mehwish Mehmood says:

    My lips color are light pink 💋

  27. •cinnamon• says:

    Yay, my lips are Rosy Pink!!

  28. Esbeitadivertida says:

    I have pale lips, and it’s true I don’t eat anything I don’t like food, and my family won’t do anything about because they know I’m a picky eater

  29. Jimin X no jams says:

    My top lip is a darker shade than my bottom lip is that normal?

  30. westy_ besty says:

    But my Oma’s lips are naturally dark and brown because she’s Indonesian. That doesn’t mean she’s not healthy, that’s just the natural pigmentation of her lips. 🙂

  31. pallavi rai says:

    I am healthy my lips are naturally pink I never use lips balms but i only use lips balms when it gets dry in winter

  32. rachel rabbit says:

    Mine are dry and bright red

  33. Gabrielė Mac says:

    My lips are ussually healthy but this morning out of nowere my lips are fking white.

  34. Ethem Emre Yildirim says:

    Bullshit 💩

  35. Rakija :3 says:

    "Ash grey lips"
    Me: That's probably not me
    "When your hands and feet are cold all the time"
    Me: Oh, oh ok thats me.

  36. Shasha PK says:

    My lower lip is pink and upper lip is pink black mixed…

  37. A K says:

    My lip colour is Pink

  38. Emily Krueger says:

    Video: your liver and spleen are working over time

    Me: OVER TIME!!

  39. Queen pheonix says:

    I've got dark lips like dark brown… So what about this?

  40. Angelica Sarai says:

    My lips are natural purple and pink xD

  41. Zephyrine xox says:

    I have red lips.
    "Dont stress and sleep before 11 pm."
    Duddeeeeee im in 6th grade and tests are coming up

  42. Black Rapunzel says:

    My lips are so dark my mum think I’m wearing lipstick

  43. Aphro says:

    If you have a lot of melanin this video isn’t helpful at all 😂

  44. Tom A hawk says:

    My top lip is brownish and my bottom lip is pinkish so I don’t know what tf my body is trying to tell me.

  45. preksha 192000 says:

    I belong to the last category. I have lips like these since i was a child. Can anyone please help guide me on balancing my yinyang

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