Why is Nutrition so Commercialized?

Why is Nutrition so Commercialized?

Daniel Yohans

48 thoughts on “Why is Nutrition so Commercialized?

  1. Crimson twelve says:

    time to go buy me some broccoli to get the active ingredients in to lol

  2. Z says:

    It's the instant noodle society. Take a pill and continue eating junk. Perhaps we are better off living up to 40s to hasten the evolution.

  3. tamcon72 says:

    So glad you are addressing this again, as T Colin Campbell is being dismissed as a King Lear figure, yelling into the wilderness on this topic. This valid call for a more comprehensive paradigm of nutrition recommendation needs to gain traction. Thanks for posting.

  4. Jacob Saunders says:

    I really like your videos, but a little more enthusiasm in your voice wouldn't be a bad thing 😁😅

  5. ExploringAustraliaDuo says:

    Thanks dr Greger!

  6. Praise The Masculine Flames says:

    what about vitamin d? you have said sun isn't enough

  7. TheAltruismActivist says:

    We need to generate some serious funding for the broccoli and blueberry industry ….

  8. Anna S. says:

    Read T. Colin Campbell's book Whole for an in depth explanation of this.

  9. Dexter Williams says:


  10. Scut Farkus says:

    Videos like this are important. Hopefully, it will lead to a paradigm shift in due course.

  11. Raw Intuition says:

    lol the active ingredient in broccoli is…broccoli…

  12. zukodude487987 says:

    Got broccooi?

  13. _gongster says:

    Loooool Greger loves broccoli too much. Ahaha

  14. Savage says:

    "Brocoberry suppliment" haha 😀

  15. brutalbeetle says:

    It's important to know how to supplement for people like myself with Crohn's that have a limited dietary palette, so most fruits and vegetables are virtually indigestible.
    And please for the love of god people stop linking me to studies about high fiber diets, FMT, hook worms and shit and thinking I haven't seen it before. If some yahoo article had the solution to crohn's we wouldn't have so many people with it.

  16. Old Earthling Carl says:


  17. Taniesha Catherine says:

    It doesn't help that cultures are consistently becoming more lazy and entitled. They don't want to work hard to be healthy. They want to sit on their butts eating cheeseburgers and gravy fries while taking supplements in the morning that they cringe at every time they get a taste. Just eat the damn foods! God, they're not bad at all. Everyone is mind blown nowadays when you say you eat plain broccoli steamed because, "where's the cheese sauce?". Like no. Not everything needs to be smothered in animal fat and thus be super unhealthy. You're just addicted to the food and a specific brand of "food porn".

  18. Miko says:

    The active ingredient in broccoli is broccoli 😂

  19. Emily Salmon says:

    I just finished your book "How Not To Die" it was eye opening. loved it!

  20. Ronnie & Minh says:

    Love Dr. Greger!

  21. me.echy5 says:

    is the "magic bullet " ingredient phytonutrients?

  22. A A says:

    They can patent them if they genetically modify them. Ahhhh

  23. A A says:

    🙌 broccoli haha 🌳

  24. CHRISTIANNWO says:

    Sugar is the number one killer!…….But it's so delicious.

  25. Topsoil Depletion Awareness (closing the loop) says:

    I have been saying this… broccoli goes hard.

  26. faustoc4 says:

    Nutritionist have no ethics and they are not even scientists they are modern day snake oil salesmen

  27. trust no one says:

    I've been feeling this way. There seems to be a price tag per everything naturally essential to human life.

  28. Henrijs Rozenkopfs says:

    The active ingredient in broccoli is broccoli… I would make a bet, that if they would do the similar kind of study on B12, what they did for fiber – the result would come out the same, meaning – the active ingredient of B12 is nature… another words – the active ingredient of nature is nature. Well…giving it, that it is a bacteria, not a fiber – not quite the same, but anyway – it's similar…and I believe aventually the science will come up with the conclusion, that all that supplementation with the b12 was a big misunderstanding of how the things actually work…I just think it will take decades, if not even more, until we receive such news…

  29. Carl B says:

    Dr Greger for World President! Seriously, though, Dr Greger, thanks for the amazing work you do in cutting through all the profit-driven crap about nutrition and telling it like it is. 🙂

  30. PoweredbyPlants says:

    Where can I get these brocco-berry supplements you spoke of???

  31. takatsu5 says:

    Awesome, active ingredient in broccoli is broccoli.

  32. Garland N says:

    I love whole foods. It is the best nutrition and medicine that we can ever put into our bodies. One day the rest of the world will wake up and be amazed! Thank you Dr. Greger.

  33. Dolly Woofwoofer says:

    the fuck do you typical american derp fucks jack off all over meat for anyways? shit is NOT that good. i'd take some chick peas and a sweet potato over some basic ass meat ANY day of the week….. simple as that….

  34. Judy FIELDS DAVIS says:

    Thank you so much!

  35. Eric Van Buggenhaut says:

    You nailed it

  36. Alon Shapiro says:

    Great video as always Dr. Greger, thank you!

  37. Tech Tins says:

    Basically don't bother with supplements for the majority of people accept for B12. Go direct to the natural foods instead.

  38. Street says:

    There's a place for allopathy, but it has become commonplace because of the profits it yields. There are much better "natural" alternatives.

  39. MauM / Mauro Miceli Consigli says:

    Keep up the awsome work

  40. Ivan B says:

    Are there any antioxidants, minerals or vitamins that are ONLY found in carbs and NOT in proteins and fats?

  41. Guenevere Schwien says:

    Love your videos, I've been listening to the audio book of how not to buy lately and am loving it. I have been on Whole food plant based since june, but was vegan for years before that. I love having all this great info in one book, and I feel like with so many studies covered in one book it is very hard to argue with. I want to buy the book for everyone I know!!!

  42. Betsy Cosmos says:

    Thanks to you, Dr. G., we keep finding out what foods to add to our plates that help us.

  43. Gia The Sweet Potato says:

    what's your opinion on protein powder? vegan protein powder, that is.

  44. jdstep97 says:

    1:40 Brocco-berry supplement made me think of Barak Obama.  (Probably nobody cares, but I just wanted to say that.)  Eat the broccoli and blueberries, though.  Forget the supplement.

  45. Des Troya says:

    Reconsidering Nutrition Science… published in 2014.  Slow to catch on guys?

  46. Dillon Bess says:

    Broccobery supplement? Hahaha

  47. Кал says:

    We have an egg industry, a drug industry, a supplements industry….

    …can we have a broccoli industry now?

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