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Hi my name is Brian McIntosh and I’m
very very excited to spend the next 15 to 20 minutes to explain to you about
the Kyani products and the amazing business opportunity behind kaya
now in the next 15-20 minutes I’m not going to be able to cover every single
piece of information that you’re going to need or probably answer every
question that you have but I promise I’ll cover several and if you have any
questions at the end we’ll give you an opportunity to get back in touch with
the person that introduced you to this video we’ll get all of your questions
answered and talk to you about where we go from there but let’s begin by talking
about an epidemic right now throughout the world did you know that over 300
million people are clinically depressed around the world 1.9 billion adults are
overweight 41 million preschool children are obese one in three Americans here in
the United States die from chronic disease over 80 percent of those would
be preventable with proper nutrition 55% of Americans regularly take prescription
medicine and I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that many of them is
unnecessarily some of the top health problems in the u.s. are heart disease
cancer arthritis stroke diabetes and this is just in the United States these
numbers are just in the United States but the epidemic is worldwide and it’s
because the nutrition that we’re getting today is simply not cutting it even if
you eat healthy or clean the nutritional density of our food is rapidly depleting
the USDA stated that 84% less vitamins and minerals are present now in our food
than they were 50 years ago and so it’s necessary if we want to truly maintain
our health to give our bodies what they need to defend themselves to cleanse
themselves to maintain themselves your body is designed to do all those things
but to do those things it needs the right fuel we must supplement but most
supplements are filled with caffeine and stimulants they’re highly addictive and
they’re dangerous long-term and this terrible nutrition is leading to other
problems as well skin insecurities like acne cellulite
uneven skin tone just in the United States 1.2 billion dollars to spend on
acne treatment and hair loss affects over 80 million Americans and at all of
it or at least a good percentage is nutrition based so why don’t people
take better care of themselves and better care of their health if the
answer is because it’s inconvenient it’s expensive it’s difficult or they’re just
uninformed and don’t know what to do life is busy and that’s why Kyani has
introduced a line of products that makes wellness simplified imagine if you could
put the right nutrients in the right nutrition into your body to give your
body the ability to do what it was designed to do naturally to maintain
proper and healthy blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels to reduce
inflammation and pain to live a higher quality of life through better nutrition
Kyani gives us the ability to do that with three simple product lines the
first is our triangle of health this is a triad of products that are gonna give
you 100% of the nutrition that you need it’s 84 percent bioavailable and we have
got a delivery system that will allow it to get to every cell in the body the way
that it should it begins with the sunrise this is like juicing in a pouch
it’s formed around the wild alaskan blueberry contains 21 other superfoods
that I would challenge anyone to even try to find in a store it’s 84 percent
bioavailable and it gives your body 100% of the nutrition that it needs to do
what it was designed to do naturally the second product that we offer is called
nitro nitro is based on the wild noni plant and it increases blood flow and
energy this product was proven in an independent study to provide the same
nitric oxide effects as morphine but without any of the side effects imagine
giving your body the ability to not only have amazing nutrition but to deliver it
to the cells and to get it to all of the areas of the body that it needs to get
to before the body can eliminate it that’s what these products are designed
to do our last product is the sunset the sunset is the highest quality fish oil
pill that you can find anywhere on the marketplace it’s based around the wild
Alaskan sockeye salmon it also contains tocotrienols which is
the world’s most potent form of vitamin E this is a vitamin D supplement that’s
given to cancer patients because of its benefits it also contains astaxanthin
which is the world’s most powerful antioxidant there
product sunset was put up against 3,500 other fish oil pills and one the best in
the world for quality two years in a row when taking altogether sunrise nitro and
sunset provide the body a 100% complete all-natural whole food nutrition
solution for better health simply amazing our next product line is based
around collagen and collagen is the most abundant molecule in the body second
only to water it makes up a great majority of your skin your bones your
tendons cartilage ligaments and collagen begins to decline at age 25 the result
of that is a diminished muscle tissue decreasing lean body mass metabolism
slowing and weight gain these are all things that we begin to experience this
week and older right some of us have wondered why the answer why is because
of collagen deficiency joint muscle pain wrinkles cellulite exhaustion thinning
hair osteoarthritis loss of muscle mass and mobility all of these things are
symptoms of a decrease in collagen so if we can begin to replace that collagen in
our bodies we can begin to eliminate many of these symptoms we can reduce
cellulite maintain weight loss healthy blood pressure increase our muscle mass
and strength increase our bone joints and tendons increase our fat burning
capability boost metabolism increased liver health right reducing cravings
hormone balances and improving digestion collagen protein is one of the most
powerful substances you can put into your body to live at a higher level and
we have two collagen protein products one is hl5 doctors recommend 5 grams of
high quality hydrolyzed collagen protein per day to maintain your body’s collagen
levels we give you that in a very easy one ounce pouch it’s rip and sip the
next college and product protein product that we have is the fit 20 this is a
great meal replacement or after workout supplement that contains 10 grams of the
highest quality hydrolyzed collagen protein you’ll find anywhere in the
world and 10 grams of whey isolate protein this is the cleanest protein on
the market and it’s simply unbelievable the health benefits are simply
unbelievable last product blind that we have is our
anti-aging system it’s our skincare system and this is based around the
Swiss Apple plant stem cell if you know anything about stem cells there are
what’s responsible for cell regeneration these are not just chemical creams or
pastes that you put on your face to try to stretch the skin out reduce the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles this product this line of products
actually helps to increase skin cell activity repair damaged skin reduce fine
lines brighten skin tone it offers you antioxidant protection smooths wrinkles
and builds collagen in the skin but most importantly it doesn’t contain any of
the things that you don’t want to put in your body your your skin absorbs
everything that you put on it these products don’t contain any Petroleum’s
sulfates sulfites any of these other things better on the screen in front of
you the terrible things that you don’t want to put into your body only the good
things and the results are simply phenomenal we have a online private
Facebook page with over 70,000 customer testimonials from our products both the
skin care and the triangle of health this gentleman here as an example was a
doubter he didn’t believe that our product to do what we say they could do
he applied the products to one half of his face for 20 days you can clearly see
the results and people are seeing the results of our products all over the
world 70 thousand reasons to say yes to the Kyani health and wellness products
exists inside of this private Facebook page and what’s really interesting about
what Coyote does is they get their products out to the world through the
most powerful form of marketing on the planet which is word-of-mouth marketing
we have a business model behind Kyani that allows regular individuals like you
and I to create an income for ourselves a secondary income by sharing these
life-changing products with other people and the foundation of this company is
simply second to none the company was founded by two very very successful in
wealth wealthy families here in the United States
the Hansen’s and the Taylor’s owned the largest distribution of petroleum
products for Phillips 66 in the Western Hemisphere and 35,000 acres of Idaho
potatoes they’ve been so successful in business they’ve never sold a business
they’ve never failed in a business and they’ve met
gone public with a business coyotes got over a quarter billion dollars in annual
revenue and growing less than 1% market saturation but we’ve been in business
for almost 13 years it is simply a rock-solid foundation for business so on
the business side of County what do we do we do two very simple things we share
the product and we share an opportunity for people to create a secondary income
for themselves and for their families and help other people with their health
and wellness at the same time who do you know that would love to improve the
quality of their health and wellness who do you know that matters the most to you
and they need better health who do you know that would love to increase their
performance look and feel younger how many people do we know that really
really need a way to reduce the number of prescription medications that they’re
taking or just improve their overall quality of life the answer is everybody
because no one’s eating like they should no one and even if they’re trying it’s
me it’s next to impossible to get the correct nutrients into our bodies Kyani
allows us to do that and at a very very very affordable price for only three
dollars and 80 cents a day you can have the triangle of health improve the
overall quality and longevity of your life get the right nutrition into your
body and live at a higher level even if you took every product in the Kyani
inventory it only comes to thirteen dollars a day complete transformation of
your body your skin your look your health how you feel all of that for $13
a day some folks spend more than that at Starbucks almost every day simply
phenomenal now when we begin to share the opportunity with other people and
create distribution of these products around the world
all we’re simply doing is looking for people that would love to make extra
money around their schedule people that want to own an online business that
would like to be debt-free that want to travel more help others that would love
to get their time back who do you know that wants to live life on their own
terms what if you could create a secondary income through the
distribution of these life-changing products in 65 countries with no
inventory no stocking no deliveries no warehouses
no employees and no overhead what if you could run an international distribution
business of these amazing products simply from your cellular phone simply
from your smartphone that’s what Kyani has allowed you to do
we have an application that will allow you to share this opportunity and
information with people all around the world simply right through your
smartphone and it’s a done-for-you business model simply amazing and
through working with Kyani we allow you to create leveraged income 95% of the
population is making what we call linear income they’re trading their time for
money they go to work they get paid they clock out they stop getting paid when
you’re earning linear income if you stop working you stop making money no
leverage means you don’t have any time the old way of earning income is linear
income leveraged income on the other hand is income that occurs with or
without you it’s something you do one time and you get paid over and over and
over again the wealthiest people in the world are living with leveraged income
having leverage means you have now not only control of your money but control
of your time and Kyani allows you to do that by showing the the products to
people and helping people to better their health and wellness and showing
people how to create a secondary income you can begin to build through positions
in the company that will provide you a substantial secondary income and maybe
even replacement full-time income as time goes on for example you help just a
couple of people with their health and wellness through our products or help
them to build a secondary income you can reach the position of Jade and average
two hundred and thirty three dollars a month with a $200 fast start bonus help
a couple of people reach the position of Jade and you reach the position of pearl
at pearl you can make five hundred and seventy one dollars a month an average
income and if you do it in the first 30 days you’re in a five hundred dollar
fast start bonus sapphire is a life-changing position if you help
enough people to add the products to their lives or to bring people in to the
opportunity and show them how to create a secondary income you can build up
enough volume and reach the position of sapphire average
$1600 a month in income residual ongoing income and a $500 car bonus so you can
go out and purchase a vehicle to help market your business to help run your
business paid for by the company and the income and the positions just get better
and better and better from there simply phenomenal in the last four years in the
United States alone we’ve helped over five thousand people achieve their dream
cars we put five thousand cars on the road and we’re just getting started this
is literally just the beginning Kyani has less than 1% market saturation
around the world and there is a key group of leaders working throughout the
United States and Europe and Asia Pacific that is bringing Conte to the
market wholesale you are in the perfect place and the perfect time to experience
the massive growth that we’re about to engage in with Kyani and we’re excited
to have you as part of the team now there’s several different ways to get
started in the business we have several builder packs that you can purchase that
allow you to immediately begin building your business in 60 plus countries with
these builder packs is going to come the distribution rights for all over the
world your personalized online storefront an application for your phone
the done for your business model that took over five million dollars to
develop you’re gonna get 1099 tax benefits you’re gonna have products to
share and you’re going to get the mentorship and support of a team of
individuals that are all working together to create distribution around
the world in addition you’ll get a supply of product you can begin taking
the products yourself share them with your friends and with your family and
begin to show other people the benefits of our amazing product lines what’s more
important than which pack you choose is to get started and position yourself
ahead of what is about to happen in your local market place you were contacted by
someone because they believed you had a special gift skill talent or ability
that you can bring to this company and help us to begin changing lives with
these products and changing lives with this financial opportunity in exchange
Connie can offer for you anything it is you’re looking for whether it’s better
health and wellness or better health and wellness with a secondary income maybe
you want to bring a spouse home from second job or from their only job maybe
you want to put a child through college pay off your parents home maybe you want
to contribute to more charities do more for your church travel the world have
more for your children whatever it is you’d like to do kyani can help you to
do it the most important thing is for you to make a decision and get started
so if this is for you I say welcome to the team we’re gonna get you back in
touch with a leader we’re gonna help you to get started show you what the next
steps are and how to move forward maybe your you love what you see so far but
you still have questions that’s understandable this is certainly not a
long enough presentation to answer every question that you might have so get back
in touch with the person that invited you let them put you on the phone with
the leader to answer all of your questions and show you what the next
steps are if you just like to become a customer and try the products we can
certainly show you how to do that completely change your life
or maybe you just want to make a donation and feed hungry children around
the world with our caring hands charity we’d be delighted to help you make a
difference in the world as well I want to thank you so much for taking just a
few minutes to be with me here on this call today and I would encourage you to
get back in touch with who invited you let’s get your questions answered and
show you what happens next thank you again so much for spending the time with
me I look forward to working with each and every morning

Daniel Yohans

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