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Okay, ladies, breast
health all starts with you. It’s important to pay
attention to your body and do what you can
do to stay healthy. So we’ve got some great
tips to get you started. First, make sure you
know your family history and share that information
with your doctor. – Information is power and I think that having the
information is a good thing. There are some unique
tests we can do now people do different screenings. So there’s a real outcome
change that can happen. It’s also important
to educate yourself if you’re told you
have dense breasts. – Really know what
that means to you. Have a discussion with your
primary care physician. Do you need
additional screening? What’s the pros and cons of getting additional
screening for dense breast? – [Jane] And finally,
complete regular self exams and see your doctor if
you notice a change. – Whether you notice a lump,
a change in the way it looks, a thickening, a
change in the skin, go to health care provider. Most of time, it’ll
probably be just fine, but don’t ignore it. – There you have it
three important steps all women should take to
promote good breast health.

Daniel Yohans

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